My Process

This process should be easy, that’s why I follow these 4 simple steps.


Education remains the ultimate muscle that can flex through any type of market conditions. I strive to educate my clients as much as possible throughout the entire process; from how to choose a lender and how to get pre-approved, to market stats and which neighborhoods are projected to appreciate the most.


With the ever changing market, news headlines, and “advice” from people that haven’t bought a home in 20 years, you need someone that can silence the noise and give you up to date guidance on what to expect depending on your specific situation. That’s my specialty!


You will be Being aware of what to expect throughout the process is an essential tool to success. Using my experience, we will talk through the process and what to expect at every stage. to have the ultimate confidence in realizing you’re fully capable of making your real estate dreams a reality.


Life is all about timing. When you’re confident and ready, we will make it happen. You’re prepared, and we have a plan. We will be calculated, confident, and execute.

My story,

Andre Whitt

I grew up in Loveland, CO and after leaving and traveling for school, work, and fun, I moved back to CO in 2012. I always knew Colorado is where I would end up, plant my roots, and grow my life. Once people realize how special CO is, they want to plant some roots and do the same. It’s my honor and pleasure to help them make this their home for years to come.

I love helping people with their real estate goals through my "Es" process: education, empathy, expectations, empowerment, and execution. Everyone has different needs, budgets, timelines, etc. so the process and approach will be different for everyone. Whether you’re looking to buy in 3 days, 3 months, or 3 years, I will meet you where you’re at, cater and customize a game plan based on your goals. I will be with you every step of the way. Once closed, I will be your resource for all things real estate, and will continue to educate you in order to best leverage your amazing home asset for years to come!

We have bought twice with Dre.

"We have bought twice with Dre in the Denver area in the last 5 years and both times we have absolutely loved our homes. He took care of all the hard work in the negotiation process and we were able to land our first offers. He's thoughtful, intelligent and eased a lot of our unrealistic worries that pop up during the process. Super responsive and my wife and I love this guy. Appreciate you, Dre."

Luke & Lorin

Home Buyers


"Andre was amazing throughout this whole process. We are first time homebuyers, and as such, we had tons of questions for Andre. He never made us feel like we were annoying him. He was available all times of the day and night and was always eager to help us any way he could. Most importantly, we did not feel any pressure from Andre to pull the trigger on any homes we didn't absolutely love. His patience, knowledge, and work ethic is all a homebuyer can ask for!"

Kyle & Andrea

Home Buyers


Literally a godsend in the home-buying process. We were nervous first-time buyers, but with Andre's invaluable guidance and down-to-earth demeanor, we were confident putting in a bid on our new family home. This is a CRAZY market right now. Get yourself someone you trust and will make your family's needs a priority.

Mike & Lindsey

Home Buyers

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